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Dear Customer/Business Associate,
We are glad to see you on our website. We are 18 years old tourism company and we have expertise in the field of tours & travels. We have been conducting tours to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Far East, USA, South Africa, Mauritius, China, Japan and so on.

Today we have a volume of 15000 customers, satisfied with our services. We are proud to have a signification large number of customers who avail our services repeatedly. And many of them have openly exressed their satisfaction with our services.
Business, to us, means quality services with minimum margins and ever-soaring level of customer satisfaction. That is the reason why we never compromise on must see sights. the quality of hotels, food and such other things. We have always wished to be a company with full support of cutomers where customers every single suggetion is considered and implemented. In our ongoing effort to evolve with the changing world we will be expanding our work spectrum from leisure tours adventure, educational, agriculturraltours, global trade fairs, and the likes.

As a travel and tourism company, we will always endeavor to deliver our best services and your suggetions for our improvement will always be welcome.

Thanks a lot

Altaf Pathan
Nagendra Nath

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